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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Senior Night Jan 31

Senior night will be held this Saturday evening January 31st at the 5:20 game in Rockland.  All member of the Panther program are asked to make an effort to attend to honor this year's 7 seniors:
Capt. Nick Villanueva, Capt. Zach Burke, Nolan Warren, Andrew Wareham, Matt Fredrickson, Devin Lydon & Ryan Duclos.

NQ Make Up Game

The make up game against North Quincy will be played on Monday, Feb. 9th @ 3:00pm in Quincy.  The bus will leave to take the boys at 1:20.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Today's make up game vs NQ has been cancelled

Make up game for Varsity vs North Quincy Mon @ 3

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Varsity Roster

Check out the new & improved Varsity Roster!  Click on each player's name to get pic & profile!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Additional JV Game

WH JV vs Scituate
Mon. January 19 11:30 pilgrim rink, hingham
(There is no transportation provided)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Canning Schedule 1/3 & 1/4

We had great success with the Canning fundraiser last year and are doing it again this weekend!
All players have been assigned a 2 hour time slot, shared with two or three teammates-please see below for your assigned time.
We still need one JV parent to cover 1-3 @ Stop & Shop in Whitman on Saturday  and one Varsity parent volunteer to cover 1-3 @ stop&shop in Whitman Sunday.
Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to "supervise" a shift!
·       All players should wear their jerseys while they are canning
·         Arrive 5 minutes before your shift starts
·         We can’t “ask” for money, but will have a donation cans/signs at each location
·         Remember, you are representing your high school sport!!!

JV - January 3rd Shaw’s Hanson
Adult volunteer:
Kerry Willis
Cam Carpenter
Brett Ellis
Tommy Willis
Tommy Allen
Adult volunteer:
Jen Cookson
Ryan Kennedy
Tyler Cookson
Jake Stoddard
Adult volunteer:
Lori Sawtelle
Brett Spano
Ryan Sawtelle
Zeke McArthur


JV - January 3rd Stop & Shop Whitman
Adult volunteer:
Kelly Molito
Kyle Yazbek
Matt Mossman
Jack Molito
Adult volunteer:
Christine Carreiro
Ryan Carreiro
Hayden Wager
Matt Robertson
Adult volunteer:
Jen Ethier
Ricky Welch
Kyle Lydon
Ben Ethier


Varsity -Sunday January 4th Shaw’s Hanson
Adult volunteer:
Denise Stearns
Matt Stearns
Zack Pike
Cullen Humfryes
Adult volunteer:
Gayle Howard
Matt Fredrickson
Ryan Duclos
Korey Howard
Alex Uva
Adult volunteer:
Patty Burke
Zach Burke
Kyle Bina
Jared Pendrak
Nick Villanueva


Varsity - Sunday January 4th Stop & Shop Whitman
Adult volunteer:
Tom Perry
David Perry
Jeremiah McArthur
AJ Carr
Adult volunteer:
Erin Sweeney
Liam Sweeney
Dylan Thomas
Nolan Warren
Andrew Wareham
Adult volunteer:
John Teebagy
Jake Gagnon
Devin Lydon
Owen Lydon

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tryout Schedule

Here is a tentative schedule for the first week of tryouts:

Starting Monday Dec 1, 2014
Tryout Monday 2:20pm Rockland Rink
Tryout Tuesday 8:40pm Rockland Rink
Tryout Wednesday 2:20 pm Rockland Rink
Varsity practice Thursday 2:20pm Rockland Rink, 4pm work out @ WH
Varsity practice Friday 2:20pm Bavis Rink
Varsity practice Saturday off ice
Varsity scrimmage Sunday vs Abington 4:20pm Asiaf rink Brockton

Monday, October 27, 2014

Important Dates!

The next parent/booster meeting will be Wed. 11/5 @ 7pm @ Meadow Brook.  This will most likely be the last booster meeting before tryouts start.  Please make an effort to come.  Thank you.

Thurs 11/6, WHAM is hosting a "shopping night" @ the high school from 6-830pm  We have a table to sell our fundraising merchandise (ornaments and scarves)  They have a bunch of different vendors scheduled to be there so if you're available, try to come by :)

Meat Raffle @ Damiens is Saturday, Nov. 8th 2-4  Get the word out to friends and family and have a great day while supporting the hockey program!  We are looking for any other items that could be used for a raffle as well (gift cards, gift baskets, etc.)  If you or someone you know can donate, please let us know!  whhockeyboosters@gmail.com

If you'd like to order a personalized Panther ornament, send us an email and instructions on exactly what you'd like on it.  You can pick up at the next meeting, shopping night or at the meat raffle!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Personalized Ornaments and Scarves

Each item $10 (personalization FREE) Thanks for supporting WH Boys Hockey! Send an email to  whhockeyboosters@gmail.com to order today!