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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Importance of High School Hockey


Click on this link for an informative video on the importance of playing for your high school.

Why High School Hockey?

Highly Qualified Coaches and Personal Development MIAA High School Coaches must care about the development of the student athlete as a complete person. High school is a time when young people are developing socially and mentally and a prospective college athlete will be better prepared for a college campus if they lead a life engaged in school activities. High School hockey is all about playing multiple sports, striving for academic success, good attendance, proper behavior at school, and promoting your school community through sport. Unlike for profit leagues high school hockey coaches are managed by highly qualified and educated high school administrators who are able to monitor and partner with the coach about a student athlete's development as a person. You can trust that the people coaching your son or daughter are concerned with more than just winning because they have to be.

Athletic Development
USA Hockey and College hockey coaches have recognized that one of the most important areas for a player to develop is in the area of strength and conditioning. The high school season allows players to engage in multiple sports or bookend their high school hockey season in competitive leagues supplemented by on and off ice strength development. High school coaches encourage players to engage in intense year round strength development while playing additional sports like cross country, football, baseball, or lacrosse. For profit teams and leagues that require more hours of travel than practice, frequent absences from school, and loads of games against unknown opponents may claim to provide an advantage but any rational person can see that is disputable.

The Game Experience
For generations Massachusetts High School Hockey has been a well attended spectator sport. High School Hockey thrills fans in schools and throughout whole cities and towns. When a player's career has ended games attended by family and friends will mean far more than games played in front of people, who if a player is good enough, will eventually get see him play anyway. There is no experience like traveling during the playoffs followed by school buses full of fans decorated in school colors, or witnessing a sea of your school's colors outside the Boston Garden as you go in to play and make school history! No player should deny him or herself the opportunity to leave a legacy in your school or town.

The Next Level
Whether it's Juniors, a year of Post Graduate play, or off straight to college a fully developed high school hockey player will be able to succeed at the next level. With nearly 100 former high school players currently in college hockey it is a proven fact that you can get there from here. In recent years we have seen a return of scouts from as high up as the NHL coming to see MA high school players and several are currently recognized by NHL Central Scouting.

The Big Picture
High School hockey is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. It is about being a member of a team for the benefit of your team, school, and community. Playing hockey to gain a personal advantage or rushing to a for profit program to presumably get in line for the next level team are hollow dreams. The real marrow of life comes in proper personal development and spirited competition; high school hockey in Massachusetts can provide that experience. 

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